Did I do this right?

I’ve been pushing this assignment aside for a few days now because I don’t know what to write, but maybe it’s time to finally face this assignment and nip it in the butt. I kept avoiding this homework because I didn’t really know what to write down and more importantly, who to write to. I don’t know who my ideal reader is so I don’t exactly know what to write. I know that I want to develop my skills to lead me to my dream of becoming a food blogger but I’m going to be honest when I say that I don’t even know the first thing about food blogging. So I won’t be writing to my future “foodies” but I will be writing to anyone out there willing to read my blog.

My dream reader is just a reader. A fresh pair of eyes seeing the world through my blog.

So my dear reader, I hope you tune in and keep an open mind about the things I’ll be writing. Also! Don’t be shy to comment or give me your side on things. Opinions are greatly appreciated! I’d love to build a healthy relationship with you AND a very interactive one too!


10 thoughts on “Did I do this right?

  1. bethcasey1961 says:

    I enjoyed your post and found this assignment tough because I don’t know who my reader is or will be, but I want to enlighten, teach, and soothe the soul of whomever stops by to read my blog.
    The only difficulty I had with your post was the really tiny type. I have “older” eyes and tiny type is sometimes hard to read. I’ll be back to read more regardless of the type size. Good job! PS — Love the title of your blog!


    • NDC says:

      I’m glad I found someone on the same page as me! 😀

      About the font size, I’m still customizing my blog’s appearance so hopefully I’ll be able to make the font size bigger! 🙂


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