My name is Natasha Franz, I’m 19 and I’m on a mission.

I’m a towering 5 feet and a half inch tall human being. I’m opinionated and quite vocal about it, but I need a lot of pushing before I do so.

I’m currently studying Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (I have yet to declare my major but I’m leaning towards Culinary Arts) in the De La Salle – Colllege of Saint Benilde. I’ve always loved food but I’ve never been able to appreciate it till now. I want to be able to share my love for food with everyone that I come across. I want to be able to share my passions with strangers that I meet. I want to be able to touch lives.

This blog is a testament of the love I have for writing. This blog will contain an insight into the workings of my mind, a peek at my dreams, a preview of my goals, and it will be (of course) a place where I can express myself.

I love writing, it’s such a delicate thing to do; finding the right words, and being able to use them in the right way are two sides of the same coin. I love how careful you have to be in crafting your sentences; one word can set the tone of the entire article. Writing is such a beautiful hobby, it brings you to places you’ve never imagined; from a new fictional world to the inner thoughts of the author. I want this blog to be a medium between me and you. I want my words to have an echo, and I want to be able to construct my sentences in a way that will have an impact.

I want to inspire and be heard and this blog is one way of getting both.


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